Cooler weather is FINALLY here!  Now that Halloween is over and the stores are flooded with Christmas knick-knacks, it’s time to talk turkey-Turkey Day that is!  Turkey sandwiches, turkey ala king, turkey soup, turkey and dumplings… As our mouths water at the thought of the delicious aroma of roasted turkey, we also need to think of the dangers that lurk there and make a plan to stay safe this season of eating!
  • Overindulging on wine on Thanksgiving.  A 1978 study conducted by the American Heart Journal made a direct link to disruptions in heart rythms and over indulgence of wine, especially in those who are obese or at an advanced age. (Read the article here).  Limiting your consumption of alcohol to just one glass with dinner and drinking plenty of H2O (especially in light of all the salty snacks and foods) will go a long way to keeping you safe.
  • Salmonella contamination. Spending the holidays sick is no way to spend them at all! Just as with chicken, you should thoroughly wash your hands and any surfaces which come into contact with the turkey with anti-bacterial soap.
  • Deep-frying Turkeys.  I honestly can’t think of one person that has tried a deep-fried turkey and hasn’t loved it.  However, more than 4,000 fires occur on Thanksgiving due to turkey fryer mishaps according to the U.S. Fire Administration.  If you absolutely have to deep-fry that bird:
    • Do it outside-away from structures, flammable materials, and other people.
    • Take a special note to watch for kids and pets getting close to the boiling cauldron of oil!
    • Use only the recommended amount of oil for the pot/container as that turkey will displace a lot of oil as it is submerged.
    • Watch out for water coming into contact with hot oil… it will pop and it will pop a lot!
Keep these three points in mind at all times to ensure you have a happy, fun, and safe Thanksgiving! Have more tips?  Please share them in the comments below!


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