Commercial General Liability Insurance

Protect your business from injuries, property damage and lawsuits.

In your day-to-day business activities, sometimes accidents happen. Especially if you’re a local or small business just starting out, one accident can halt everything. Make sure your business continues to run smoothly by investing in general commercial liability insurance.

So Many Kinds of Business Insurance – What’s the Difference?

While commercial property insurance covers your property in the event of natural disaster or theft, commercial general liability insurance protects you if someone is injured inside your business or if your business damages another party in some way. It’s best to have both kinds of insurance if possible. For example, let’s say your customer pays you to fix something and you accidentally end up breaking it beyond repair. Commercial general liability insurance can cover your costs. Another common scenario is someone breaking their leg on your property, especially due to an issue with your stairwell or lighting. This kind of insurance can help you with medical payments for the injured party as well as legal representation for your business in the event of an expensive lawsuit. For a restaurant owner or food distributor, even serious illness as a result of your food products could result in a lawsuit, and commercial general liability insurance can help. So, in summary, while commercial property insurance protects your property itself, commercial general liability insurance protects you.

Who Needs Commercial General Liability Insurance?

If you are a small business owner, this is your cornerstone commercial insurance policy. If you’re trying to decide which kinds of insurance coverage you can swing, you can’t afford to leave off this one.

All it takes is one person getting injured on your property or by your business activities, even indirectly, and you could be found at fault in court and face fees that threaten to stop your business dead in its tracks.

AG-Pro is pro-small business and free enterprise. We’re here to help you navigate the different kinds of commercial insurance so you can get the best policy for your needs.


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