Commercial Property Insurance

Give your business the protection it needs to keep the doors open after a disaster.

Commercial property insurance covers your business property for physical damage or theft. It includes not only the property itself, but also your equipment and inventory. It even protects others’ equipment and supplies that may be on your property and under your care, including that of your customers.

Do I Really Need Commercial Property Insurance?

Why do you need commercial property insurance? You never know what could happen. A tornado could ruin your business’s billboard sign, or a fire could destroy some of your interior furniture and fixtures. Just one instance of burglary could cost you thousands of dollars. Commercial property insurance covers you in those events and even replaces lost business income.

Commercial property insurance is highly recommended if you rely on any equipment or property to stay in business. If you rely on your computer system, for example, and can’t do business without it, you need commercial property insurance. If your restaurant relies on its kitchen, or if you otherwise can’t operate the business without that specific space, you need commercial property insurance.

In considering the amount of coverage, determine whether all of your equipment is easily replaceable. If you use tools that were custom-designed for your business, you’ll want to get more coverage than if most of your tools can be bought used and are fairly common.

A special note: Flood insurance is usually not included in commercial property insurance and must usually be purchased separately. Your AG-Pro agent will be able to discuss your best options with you.


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