Equipment Insurance

Protect your farm, ranch or business in the event of a breakdown

We take it for granted that our equipment will always be working as it should. The tractor will always run right, the computer system won’t have a power surge, and our employees will always operate our expensive machinery correctly.

But life doesn’t work like that.

Don’t stake your livelihood on 100% accident avoidance. Sooner or later, the unexpected will happen, and you’ll need to be prepared with equipment insurance.

Equipment insurance is a form of inland marine coverage. Inland marine insurance covers direct physical loss or damage to scheduled property, movable property, or property that is not typically or permanently at a single location.

Named perils such as fire, lightning, wind, and theft coverage vary from policy to policy, so you need to know what your policy covers. Equipment coverage typically excludes coverage for hazards such as mechanical breakdown and wear and tear. Coverage for equipment may be written as an individual policy or as an addition to a standard property policy.

Farm or Business equipment is often one of your largest investments. Protect it with AG-Pro. Our equipment insurance can cover your tractors, combines, sprayers, irrigation equipment, or specialized equipment used in your veterinarian or contracting business.

Does my farm or ranch need equipment insurance?

It depends on the extent to which your bottom line relies on equipment and how much risk you’re willing to take.

But ask yourself these questions: Agriculture is all about timing. What would be the effect on my farm if just one piece of machinery cut out at the wrong time? What would happen if a hacker got into my computer system? What would be the “domino effect” if just one part of my assembly line shut down?

Think of the systems that keep your business running, and ask yourself what would happen if just one component were to not do its part.

Contact our AG-Pro representatives, and we will help you choose the amount of equipment insurance coverage that is right for your business or agricultural enterprise.


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