Renters Insurance

Protect your valuables from theft and weather

You can protect thousands of dollars worth of belongings — often for less than the cost of a weekly Starbucks run — with renters insurance. Many insurance companies will even offer special discounts if you bundle renters insurance with auto insurance. Why not add it on?

Renters Insurance Options through AgPro

Renters insurance covers valuable possessions like computers, furniture and other electronics in the event of a break-in, tornado or other disaster. In many cases, it even covers living expenses and some lawsuits.

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Basic Renters Insurance

Personal Property

Your possessions, even including things that aren’t physically in the house like your car or bicycle are covered after you pay your deductible.

Temporary Living Expenses

You may have to stay in another place while repairs are being made to your apartment or house. In that case, renters insurance covers your hotel costs and extra food expenses.

Medical Fees

Someone gets hurt at your house or apartment and wants you to pay the medical bill. Renters insurance covers the cost.

Other add-on coverages are available as well if you own expensive jewelry or other specialty items that may not be included in basic renters insurance. If you’re not sure what you need, AgPro is here to help.


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