Umbrella Insurance

Go beyond the limits of regular insurance

Umbrella insurance covers extra liability that your other insurance plans don’t cover. It can help with personal lawsuits, injuries and even damage from your pet.

Who Needs an Umbrella Policy?

You may have strong homeowner and auto insurance, but what happens if you need more? Especially if you live in a high-risk area or have other lifestyle factors that increase the likelihood of a claim, you’ll want to have an umbrella policy. An umbrella policy is also great for a landlord or property manager who fears liability for tenant-related issues.

Do you live in close proximity to others? Umbrella insurance protects you if something happens in your home that causes damage to another person’s property. For example, your dog destroys something belonging to your neighbor or water from your yard floods into a neighbor’s home.

How Much Umbrella Insurance Do I Need?

Typically, you need as much umbrella insurance as will cover your assets. Particularly if you have a lot of assets and a higher public profile, you run a higher risk of a lawsuit because people will know they can receive compensation by suing you.

Calculate the worth of your vehicles, properties, etc., and then base your umbrella insurance on that. Your AG-Pro insurance agent is also here to help you select the right amount of coverage.


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