Customized Watercraft Insurance for Boating and Yachting

If the tide turns against you, AG-Pro will keep you above water.

There’s nothing quite like owning a boat – the sunshine, the sound of the waves, windblown hair, and fishing. But before that day out on the sparkling lake or on the open seas, make sure you and your boat are covered with watercraft insurance you can trust.

What Watercraft Insurance Covers

Many kinds of boats can be included in a watercraft insurance policy, such as a pontoon, jet boat, personal watercraft, sailboat, or fishing boat.

Watercraft insurance can protect your boat from events such as theft, collision, or natural disasters. It can also cover attachments to your boat, like oars and life preservers, as well as the hull itself.

Liability boat coverage
Liability boat coverage will protect you if you injure a person or damage a property with your boat. It can also help with the injured party’s related medical expenses.
Medical payment coverage
Medical payment coverage helps if you are in an accident and incur medical expenses.
Boat replacement
If you have a new boat, you may be eligible for an insurance policy that pays for either a new boat or the lost boat entirely.
Boat towing
Many companies will also offer boat towing along with your insurance.
Your local agent will discuss the options with you and help you get the best policy for your needs.

Potential Watercraft Insurance Discounts

Potential Watercraft Insurance Discounts

If you bundle your boat insurance with other insurance policies like auto, home, and life, you may be eligible for a discount.

If you are a seasoned boat owner with a great record and/or have passed a boat safety course, you may receive a discount on your boat insurance.


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